Bonjour! My name is Gwen Rosales, I'm not a writer only an ordinary and simple girl that is in love with fashion. I don't live in Paris, but I would like to for maybe a year or two. I don't talk French. Honestly the way I came up with my title was because the first words that came up to my mind when creating this blog and I saw the blank box beside "Title" was "OohLaLa".  I have a Monday to Friday job, and on my free time that's when I take my modest and not too ornate pictures and create a post.

This blog is to show and share my style and passion for fashion to other fashionistas or who just happen to pop into my blog and are curious to see what they find. You won't see much writing most of the time, only pictures and the only writing you'll see is what I'm wearing and where I purchased my items. Hopefully you keep following and like what you see and find.

Lots of love,